Medallion Finance Earnings Release Yahoo Exchange to 9 March 8:30 pm

  • I would like to believe, but it is difficult. The ado espoused by management inre the share buyback was rediculous
    when you consider they only bought 200,000 shares at less thn a half mil. I think they will make it, but I am old and if it takes five years I probably won’t be here. Stupidly, rode it all the way down and that decrease took two years of profits out of my portfolio. My mistake!!!! Hoped for a faster turn around, but the medallions still weighing them down. The fact that the cities
    didn’t live up the agreements and let Uber and Lyft operate in the city was a kicker.
    Morale -If you depend on any form of government (fed, state, county, or city) you will end up getting screwed
    if they were serious about a buyback, they should just do a $4M tender at $2/sh and retire 1/12 of the shares.
  • For anyone believing in a successful sale of a minority investment in the bank think about this. MFIN has a market cap of $45 million. $45 million would only purchase 15% of the current value of Medallion Bank, based on MFIN’s insane write-ups. If there was any interest in the bank someone would have acquired MFIN, but nobody has because Medallion Bank and MFIN are worth nothing


    PumpNDump once again by well-connected traders in the Caribbean and Cyprus. DO NOT fall for this tactic used over and over and over again with TAXI/MFIN stock trading. Those on the inside ALWAYS win

  • Does anyone understand why the stock is up? Results are awful, company will be in bankruptcy anyday now. Taxi revenues dropping everyday as well as medallion values.
  • Without the Medallion Bank write-up this quarter their asset coverage ratio would have been ~195%, below the 200% requirement. This would put them in default as a BDC and would be a default on most of their debt. This is where you can start throwing out the “5-letter F word”
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