Medallion Financial Calendar 2016 Earnings Release — Yahoo Exchange



Very important Yahoo exchange with posts from just before earnings release today, March 8, 2017. I know it’s long, but I wanted to post without editing including all MFIN critics and promoters.



5 hours ago

For anyone believing in a successful sale of a minority investment in the bank think about this. MFIN has a market cap of $45 million. $45 million would only purchase 15% of the current value of Medallion Bank, based on MFIN’s insane write-ups. If there was any interest in the bank someone would have acquired MFIN, but nobody has because Medallion Bank and MFIN are worth nothing



5 hours ago

PumpNDump once again by well-connected traders in the Caribbean and Cyprus. DO NOT fall for this tactic used over and over and over again with TAXI/MFIN stock trading. Those on the inside ALWAYS win.



6 hours ago

Does anyone understand why the stock is up? Results are awful, company will be in bankruptcy anyday now. Taxi revenues dropping everyday as well as medallion values.



7 hours ago

Without the Medallion Bank write-up this quarter their asset coverage ratio would have been ~195%, below the 200% requirement. This would put them in default as a BDC and would be a default on most of their debt. This is where you can start throwing out the “5-letter F word”



7 hours ago

Shorts are having fewer and fewer statements to make about the company because they have almost done everything the shorts said they weren’t doing..lowering medallion valuations…have’t heard any comments from them about that…leverage ratio will be 15% this quarter (I’m not sure what implications of them not for last 2 quarters, but it was addressed as well). They have been and continue to remove exposure to the medallion loans. Looks like they actually did buy back roughly 200,000 shares of stock. 4.7 MILLION shares short, going to be tough to cover!! All the garbage about bankruptcy was all hypothetical what ifs just to improve their short position. With out the 4.7 million shorts, I believe the pps would be at minimum $8 a share mainly because they still have exposure to medallion loans, but that $8 will definitely be higher as they continue to improve the medallion exposure.



15 hours ago

All readers:


Review the earnings release.


Read all the posts on Seeking Alpha and on Yahoo Finance Conversations and compare the arguments made by MFIN critics and MFIN promoters.


Then using your best judgment, you decide whether or not to sell, hold or buy.


As I have since June 2014, I continue to consistently recommend a STRONG SELL.



21 hours ago

Their earnings release is the most misleading piece of literature I have seen for a long time.

Pre tax income fell from +16mm to -10mm before writing off 50+mm of taxi loans. so basically from +16

to -60 to -65mm. and some how they try to write up medallion bank by over $100million dollars. Its complete insanity



21 hours ago

Bank recorded a $13.5 mm loss in Q4, and MFIN turns around and writes up it Investment in Medallion Bank and other controlled subs by $99 mm!!! You can’t make this up.



23 hours ago

Looks like earnings are out now.



23 hours ago

This is a fraud. THey keep writing up medallion bank, even though medallion bank has the most taxi medallion loan exposure of any bank around. Medallion bank is a zero equity value and they are righting it up



23 hours ago

According to the results:


“The Company had over $20 million of cash on hand (and in excess of $50 million of cash when combined with Medallion Bank) at year end. The Company believes the best use of its capital is to further grow its consumer and mezzanine lending segments where the Company targets returns on equity of greater than 20%, and to repurchase common shares which are trading at a significant discount to book value.”


This gives confidence into 2017.



23 hours ago

dividend eliminated. Selling a minority interest in the bank




Gordon sell your shares and do us all a favor.




Does anyone know when will MFIN report its earnings?



2 days ago

Gordon, what is the point of your ad nauseum posting. You post and then you answer your own posts. I check in once in awhile just to see what is happening, but it seems all posters except you have left. We all know how much trouble MFIN

is in so why keep kicking a dead dog.

I don’t know whether it is personal or you are getting paid, but give it a rest.

The company probably won’t make it, the management stinks, they don’t like small investors, they won’t answer questions,

they like Barbie Dolls, ………………….we all know this.

You are like a whiney brat that wont stop crying.

The major shorts have already made a ton of money, I guess they just want thie company to close it’s doors and give up or they won’t be satisfied.



2 days ago

Is MFIN going to pay dividends this qrt. or not.



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