What Moral Compass Does Big Oil Attorney Randy Mastro Use To Intimidate MFIN Critics?

Uber Deniers and MFIN stock promoters.

Please list ANY GOOD NEWS about MFIN since the New Year.

There is none.

Murstein and cronies have stopped even trying to make rational arguments. Instead he’s hired a notorious bully to scare MFIN critics into silence.

I called their bluff, but HOW MANY OTHERS were threatened and were effectively silenced?

What moral compass does Big Oil attorney Randy Mastro use to intimidate MFIN critics?

I guess the same moral compass he uses to enrich himself against the interests of even his clients and their shareholders to destroy the lives of indigenous people in Ecuador and the rain forest that has sustained their lives for thousands of years.

I’ve been guided through ayahuasca experiences with Shaman Tunduama in the Shuar ancestral territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Just last month, the resilient Shuar are now facing 1,000 soldiers mobilized by a Massive Mining Multinational in their years-long attempt to steal the lands legally preserved for the Shuar.

I will be visiting the Shuar again in the late spring as part of my spiritual practices that do not involve the Pursuit Of Money By Any Means.

I’ll check in on the devastation caused by Big Oil and their bullies.

Murstein is desperate and not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so he is a perfect example of a client that Mastro LOVES.

See this excerpt about Mastro in The Huffington Post. 

…Gibson Dunn has long advertised itself as the “dream team” for clients in serious trouble. It boasts that lawyers like Mastro, Andrea Neumann, Scott Edelman, and William Thomson are capable of mounting “rescue” operations…

…hyped-out aggression…an approach that can resonate powerfully to a desperate and confused management team…

:…Here’s how a series of monumental mistakes by the American law firm Gibson Dunn Crutcher (“GDC”) and its lead partner, Randy Mastro, have increasingly imperiled the interests of a major client like Chevron and its institutional shareholders.

The latest of several recent Gibson Dunn setbacks occurred Tuesday, when an Ecuador appellate court affirmed the $18 billion judgment against Chevron. Chevron is Gibson Dunn’s lead client for the last two years as the law firm has seen its profits soar off of the oil giant’s Ecuador debacle, which is largely a function of Mastro’s own flawed advice and unethical litigation practices as outlined below.

Gibson Dunn partners might want to wake up to Mastro’s shenanigans, which have largely remained hidden from public view but threaten to stain the reputation of a prominent law firm that has always been pretty good at hiding its dark side. The same might go for Chevron’s management, which continues to foot the bill for a legal strategy that creates major operational risks for the company in countries around the world.

Gibson Dunn has long advertised itself as the “dream team” for clients in serious trouble. It boasts that lawyers like Mastro, Andrea Neumann, Scott Edelman, and William Thomson are capable of mounting “rescue” operations for corporations facing major liability for environmental and other abuses committed against vulnerable peoples like the indigenous and farmer communities of Ecuador’s Amazon. If the law is in the way of a client’s interests, GDC claims it will work to either change the law or maneuver around it. The firm is notorious for throwing a client’s lawyers under the bus for not being “aggressive” enough so GDC can replace them….


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