Jeff Jones, Former Target Chief Marketing Officer Joins Uber And Reaches Out To Drivers

Jeff is a very, very impressive guy with a great track record as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Target.

Both Jeff and Travis know that driver relations haven’t been as good….as …uh…they could be…

Here’s one of Jeff’s emails.

In the 3 weeks since I first emailed you, we’ve held driver events in 22 cities across the U.S. to listen to your feedback. I had a chance to meet with many of you personally, and hear what’s most important to you when driving.

One ask was to bring more balance to the relationship between riders and drivers. While most riders are great, some aren’t as respectful as they should be, and that’s not okay.
So today, we’ve updated our Community Guidelines. These ground rules explain for the first time why riders can lose access to Uber—and we’re sharing them with every rider and driver in the U.S.


Our goal is to hold everyone who uses Uber to the same high standards so both drivers and riders enjoy a 5-star ride. That’s why we’re also working to educate riders on what matters to drivers like you.

Of course this is just one step in a longer journey. I’ve learned you need better support and communication. You want an improved pick-up and navigation experience. And you deserve more clarity around earnings. We’re making it a priority to improve all these parts of the driving experience.

If you’ve reached out via social media or customer support, your feedback is being heard. I’ll admit I can’t respond to every person, but I’ve spent hours reading your comments.

Please keep the feedback coming.

In January, I’ll share our plans for 2017 and how we’ll be working hard to bring you the best driving experience.

Until then, thank you and happy holidays.

Jeff Jones
President of Ridesharing at Uber

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