Larry Meyers’ Black Hat Social Media Promotion Site Before Being Taken Down After Arrest of ForceField Energy CEO

The screen captures below are from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

As of August 11, 2016 these could be retrieved at

Just in case they disappear or are moved, here is some of the text:



About us


Why New Media

Features & Benefits

The Best Defense

  • About Us

    Asymmetrical Media Strategies is a strategic communications firm that operates at the nexus between New Media and public policy. We protect and defend personal, corporate, and industry reputations when it matters most: when they stand alone against those trying to destroy them. Our work has stretched across multiple sectors, including the chemical and fragrance industries, consumer finance, municipal bankruptcies, statins, vaccines, dietary supplements, commercial fisheries, and dentistry.

    Asymmetrical develops both independent strategic crisis communications strategies, and also operates in partnership with traditional crisis firms. We operate in stealth, so while you have never realized it, you have likely seen our work – and its results.

    Asymmetrical warfare occurs when relative military power differs significantly, requiring one to utilize unconventional strategies and tactics against the other.

    While your attackers rely on traditional media to propagate negative messaging, New Media permits both defensive and offensive tactics that attackers do not anticipate, and are years behind in utilizing.

    Contact us today.

  • Why New Media?

    • Broader, instantaneous distribution of message
    • Supplements traditional media, adding credibility
    • Looser journalistic standards
    • Attackers are not prepared for New Media counter-attacks
      • They rely on traditional media to propagate their message
      • They have little experience in New Media communications
      • Arrogance blinds them to the power of New Media pushback
      • They have few, if any, distribution pipelines for New Media communications
      • They do not expect instantaneous pushback
      • They do not employ sufficient or knowledgable staff to respond quickly to pushback
      • Result: Acting outside their experience will create fear, anxiety and retreat on their part
    • Traditional Media declining
    • New Media increasing

    Contact us today.

  • Services

    Asymmetrical utilizes blogs, video content, close relationships with op-ed editors in major newspapers, and guerilla PR tactics to deliver our clients’ messages. Blogs appear on brand-name highly-trafficked websites, and feed directly into Google News. Our award-winning video content includes animation, live-action, and documentary. Guerilla PR tactics take the fight directly to our opponents and are filmed for release on the internet.

    We will employ any strategy or tactic you desire. If you seek to educate policymakers, we will design and/or execute a “soft advocacy” plan to accomplish this goal. If you seek to rehabilitate your reputation, we will produce content that will replace disparaging online content.

    Most importantly, if you are under attack from opponents seeking to destroy you, we will launch an asymmetrical, sustained, multi-front assault on them. We specialize in aggressive Alinsky-inspired tactics that will introduce multiple layers of risk to your opponents, requiring them to expend resources to defend themselves instead of attacking you.

    While your attackers rely on traditional media to propagate negative messaging, New Media permits both defensive and offensive tactics that attackers do not anticipate, and are years behind in utilizing.

    Contact us today. If you need reputation defense for search engines only, click here.

  • Features/Benefits

    • Anonymity
      • Attack opponents without client exposure – you are kept in the clear
    • Extensive knowledge of multiple sectors
      • Firm’s knowledge of economics, finance, politics, scientific methodology, statistics, and polling methods permit rapid situational analysis and response.
    • 12 years experience in narrative building
      • No crisis communications firm has a former television writer-producer as its Founder.
      • Narrative skills permit both factual and emotional messaging tactics.
      • Production experience leads to high-quality, emotionally-compelling video content.
    • Variety of New Media strategies for customized campaign
      • Team of established writers can blog instantaneous responses.
      • Team of animators and graphic designers are on-call to provide rapid video response.
      • Animation and live-action production capabilities can create long-form response, and longer-term campaigns.
      • Directly confront opponents by arranging local debates
      • Disruption of opponents staged press conferences and events
    • Comprehensive strategic range
      • Soft advocacy and education (for journalists)
      • Soft dissuasion tactics for nuisance attacks (for bloggers)
      • Hard dissuasion tactics to end attack (for opponents)
        • Introduces risk to attacker
    • Impactful Distribution Pipelines
      • Blog content is posted instantaneously on websites.
      • Video content instantaneously distributed on YouTube, Vimeo, and 10 other websites.
    • We consult with former psy-ops military personnel
      • Strategies introduce risk and fear to attackers
    • Rapid Response
      • No gatekeepers or editorial staff to retard communications
    • New Media allows for complete control of messaging
      • Traditional media is politically biased, usually anti-capitalist
    • Ability to attack on multiple fronts

    Contact us today.

  • Contact

    Contact our CEO here

    After we receive your inquiry, we will contact you by phone to discuss your situation. We will also provide you with links to our work.

    Thank you for choosing Asymmetrical Media Strategies – PR’s Special Forces

  • The Best Defense

    When a client is under relentless assault by opponents, we often hear the client say they don’t want to push back too hard, for fear of inflaming the opponent even more.

    This is a fatal mistake.

    Your opponents are already trying to destroy you. Trust us – things cannot get any worse. Your business is surrounded, and invading forces have already crossed the border. If you do not repel them with a multi-pronged offensive, your business will die. Period.

    Because we operate without any detectable connection to you, you may engage opponents in any way you choose, while we carry out our stealth mission to undermine their position. We compare this to you engaging in negotiation with an enemy state on cessation of hostilities….while our Special Forces infiltrate their capital and wipe out their military.

    Don’t be afraid of being tough. Your life depends on it.

    Contact us today.

Asymmetrical Media Strategies © 2014 · Contact Us

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