Believing “Arguments” Of Uber Deniers Requires Belief In The Stupidity Of 450,000 Uber Drivers And The Stupidity Of 56 Institutional And Individual Investors in Uber


Uber Deniers’ “analysis” of Uber’s impending failure not only depends on the stupidity of 450,000 Uber drivers in knowing their own compensation, but also the stupidity of the 56 Uber investors.

See the list of institutional and individual investors here.

Then click on each of the 56 individual links to read the track record of each Uber investor.

Uber Deniers: on any online investment site, please provide comments with arguments explaining why you are smarter than the 56 investors below that you disagree with. thanks.

AITV (Accelerate IT Ventures)
Alfred Lin
Babak Nivi
Bennett Coleman and Co Ltd
Cyan Banister
Data Collective
Fidelity Investments
First Round
Foundation Capital
Founder Collective
Garrett Camp
Goldman Sachs
HDS Capital
Innovation Endeavors
Jason Calacanis
Jason Port
Jeana Heller
Jeff Bezos
Josh Spear
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Light Street Capital Management
Lone Pine Capital
Lowercase Capital
Menlo Ventures
Microsoft Corporation – Strategic Investments
Mike Walsh
Mitchell Kapor
Naval Ravikant
New Enterprise Associates
Nihal Mehta
Oren Michels
Qatar Investment Authority
Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund
Scott Banister
Shawn Fanning
Sherpa Capital
Signatures Capital
Square Peg Capital
Summit Action
Summit Partners
Tata Opportunities Fund
Techstars Ventures
Times Internet
TPG Growth
Travis Kalanick
Troy Carter
Tusk Ventures
Valiant Capital Partners
Wellington Management



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