TAXI Stock Promoters Continue To Falsely Report TAXI’s Q4 2015 Results

In a post on February 18, 2016 10:03 am by, on the Yahoo Finance Message Board for TAXI, cmscorp9999 stated:
“…Company continues to grow revenues and earnings even with the difficulties in the medallion portfolio…”
What numbers are cmscorp9999 referring to that “continue to grow”?
Below are the last four quarters of the trend in “revenue” better known as “investment income” and “net interest income” – down sharply for three straight quarters.

Compared to Q1 2015, Q4 2015 investment income is down 21%

Compared to Q1 2015, Q4 2015 net interest income is down 29%

I guess it’s possible cmscorp9999 doesn’t understand what “growth” means…. 
Medallion Financial Corp.
Selected Consolidated Statement of Operations Q4 2015 Three Months Ended December 31 Q3 2015 Three Months Ended September 30 Q2 2015 Three Months Ended June 30 Q1 2015 Three Months Ended March 31
(Dollars in thousands, except per share data)        
Interest income on investments   $5,300 $5,462 $5,583
Dividends and interest income on short-term investments   $5,014 $5,014 $5,902
Medallion lease income   $351 $362 $346
Total investment income $9,319 $10,665 $10,838 $11,831
Q4 compared to Q1 2015 -21%      
Total interest expense $2,465 $2,402 $2,343 $2,212
Net interest income $6,854 $8,263 $8,495 $9,619
Q4 compared to Q1 2015 -29%      
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