Understanding New York’s For Hire Vehicle Industry

For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) Bases

The TLC licenses three types of bases. These include ‘base stations’ which provide livery or community car service, ‘black car bases’, and ‘luxury limousine bases.’ TLC rules state how each type of base operates. All FHV bases have some of the same requirements. Other rules are specific to the type of base. The type of base license determines the type of vehicles that work with the base and the type of service they provide.

Base Stations (Livery Bases) 488
Black Car Bases 75
Luxury Limousine Bases 172
Licensed Bases Total 735

For-Hire Vehicles (FHVs)

TLC issues only one type of vehicle license. Vehicle owners choose certain types of vehicles to provide different kinds of service.

Livery 21,227
Black Car 8,883
Luxury Limousine 5,230
Affiliated FHVs Total 35,340



Chapter 6, section 1 of TLC Rules defines a For-Hire Vehicle as:
A motor vehicle carrying passengers for-hire in the City, with a seating capacity of twenty passengers or less, excluding the driver, with three (3) or more doors, other than a taxicab, coach, wheelchair accessible van, commuter van or an authorized bus operating pursuant to applicable provisions of law, and not permitted to accept street hails from prospective passengers in the street and required to be licensed by the Commission.

Industry Specific Rules for FHV Bases

Base stations (i.e. livery bases) must provide:

• Off-street parking and storage for FHVs. There must be enough parking spots for half of the vehicles that work for a base.

• Worker’s Compensation coverage and benefits to all eligible workers.

• A new or renewal application that includes a comprehensive operating plan (COP), statements of no objection from their city council member, community board, and local police precinct.

• An environmental assessment statement (EAS) when the base station is applying as a new licensee or relocating.

Black car and luxury limousine bases must:

• Receive 90% of their payments through contracts rather than cash.

• Become members of the New York Black Car Operators’ Injury Compensation Fund, Inc. Bases that own at least 50% of their vehicles must provide Workers Compensation insurance instead.

Black car bases must have a franchise agreement (approved by the Attorney General’s Office) or a Cooperative Contract.

Luxury limousine bases must charge passengers on the basis of garage to garage service on a flat rate basis or per unit of time or mileage.

Driver Snapshot  
Number of Drivers 52,636
Average Age 47
Driving for over 5 years 50%
Lives in New York City 87%




Top 10 Countries of Birth  
Dominican Republic 24%
United States 9%
Pakistan 7%
Ecuador 6%
India 5%
China 4%
Bangladesh 4%
Haiti 3%
Russia 3%
Egypt 3%
Other 32%
Total 100%





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