I Hope To See Many Of You Guys At The Leopard Martini Camp Again At Burning Man 2016!!

I never thought I would find my DREAM JOB!!!!

US Government is Hiring a Burning Man Project Manager to Help Festival Leave Small Footprint

By Alexandria Wojcik
Music Times
January 30, 2016

“…If your dream job involves preserving the planet’s natural resources while helping the annual Nevada desert arts, culture and music festival known as Burning Man persevere with as small a carbon footprint as possible, you might want to get in touch with Uncle Sam. The Bureau of Land Management, part of the United States Government’s Department of the Interior, is currently hiring a Burning Man project manager.

The full-time position offers a salary ranging from $69,497 to $90,344, MixMag reports. The job posting expires on February 8, so apply online at USAJobs.Gov or email nvjobs@blm.gov

According to Business Insider, the hiree “is to perform as project leader for complex projects such as RMPs, major EIS’s and EA’s and Special Recreation Permits, in particular the Burning Man event, which have a broad scope and often require coordination outside the district organization.”

The event has been attracting tens of thousands of costumed revelers and A-list artists to drive decorated art cars into the Black Rock Desert to set up themed camps in a 7-square-mile space known as “the playa” for the past two decades. While the multi-day gathering has in many ways transcended summer festival status and become something of an artistic institution, it has encountered its share of environmental hiccups.

The event’s location is prone to sandstorms and has had its share of weather-related incidents including 2014’s delays due to storms. Additionally, as the event’s name suggests, it typically involves a bonfire.

Combining those environmental hazards with a crowd of 70,000 people certainly calls for the creation of a Risk Management Plan. In other words, while the job posting may seem strange, the position is totally necessary.

According to the job description, the gig “involves prolonged hours of sitting at a desk and working on a computer in an office environment” as well as extensive travel. Additionally, “the work environment varies from an office setting where the incumbent is in contact with work associates, to a field setting where the incumbent is working alone, in a group, in extremely remote and adverse situations.”

To the experienced Burner, the job might seem like the perfect career in which to apply the 10 principles of Burning Man. Watch a video discussing the guidelines that define the event and its community’s ethos, below.

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