Welcome To The World of Black Hat Social Media Stock Promotion Version 2016

Yahoo Finance Message Board for Medallion Financial (TAXI)

By “dgseinvestor” (see below)
4:42 AM January 18, 2016

Poor Gordon!

Hospitalized on 12/29. Apparently he has not had a stomach, gall bladder or spleen for many months. Maybe all the stress from his nonsense campaign did him in.

Response by Gordon Gossage:
10:00 AM January 18, 2016

Yes, Lawrence “Larry” Meyers:

Give thanks to your employer that he keeps up on my Facebook account no matter what access level I’ve set. Black Hat social media techniques to stifle stock critics have no boundaries either in scope or morality.

Tell your employer for the zillionth time: you can’t blackmail a stock critic if he has nothing to hide!!!!!!

Got it yet???

The original removal of 100% of my stomach, gall bladder and spleen occurred in August 2014.

Just after Christmas 2015 I was hospitalized after having excruciating abdominal pain. I’ve experienced that pain many times since Christmas. Complications from the conditions that caused my first surgery in August 2014 caused me to have two additional major surgeries in the past three weeks, including some time in the ICU at Beth Israel in Boston. Tell your employer he should try to get BI’s medical records on me. X-Rays, MRIs and CT Scans reveal a very strange configuration of my internal organs. If you can’t get a copy, please contact me, so I can forward him some images for you to post. Maybe these will help some readers to evaluate the quality of TAXI as an investment.

At Day 21 in the hospital, I have no idea when I will be discharged.

Larry, your employer and clients: If you think my hospitalizations are funny, I’m not surprised because I know what moral compass you guys use to make money.

Any other reader: If you think my hospitalizations are funny and/or relevant to analyzing the quality of TAXI as an investment please post why.


Just click on the poster name in the TAXI thread to analyze comments by “dgseinvestor” or any poster on any thread.

Larry and other posters for Larry’s employer have used the name “dgseinvestor” for 113 posts between June 14, 2007 and January 18, 2016 on Yahoo Finance Message boards to promote TAXI, DGSE and other predatory lenders and pawn shop buyers for many years. Remember, besides lending to immigrants who can’t afford the medallion loans, they also provide funds to borrowers who can’t buy boats and RVs from traditional lenders. See:

Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange (DGSE) is a chain of pawn shops that buy gold, silver, watches and jewelry from desperate sellers. They were one of the first segment players opening up Internet pawn shops. Here’s an article on DGSE written by Larry:

Google: DGSE Offers A Gold Play Without Gold’s Volatility

Larry Meyers
PDL Capital (abbreviation of Pay Day Lending)
DGSE Offers A Gold Play Without Gold’s Volatility
Seeking Alpha
Aug. 29, 2011 11:03 AM

Welcome to the world of Black Hat Social Media Stock Promotion version 2016.

TAXI is a predatory lender specializing in taxi medallions, boats and RV’s. Gentlemen call it sub-prime and hard money lending.

As you saw watching The Big Short, no one was jailed for securities fraud and predatory lending to borrowers lenders KNEW shouldn’t borrow the money.

Don’t let Big Taxi get away with it.

Join the Coalition Against Big Taxi (CAB)






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