Another Bad Day For Larry Meyers: PSEC Drops 7%

Lawrence “Larry” Meyers has promoted the stocks of

  • Medallion Financial (NASDAQ:TAXI), Andrew Murstein  is President
  • ForceField Energy (NASDAQ:FNRG), Richard St. Julien was Chairman
  • Prospect Capital (NASDAQ:PSEC), John F. Barry is CEO

Of course we know Larry well from his TAXI gig.

What happened to St. Julien?

Chairman Of The Board Of Forcefield Energy Inc. Arrested For Securities Fraud Conspiracy

Poor Larry, first FNRG, now PSEC has really had a rough time of late.

What has Larry done for PSEC lately?

Larry is “slicktop4” and a whole lotta other aliases.

Here’s a funny index of PSEC aliases:

Thread: So Sad … Slicktop and his Many Aliases

Larry and Friends caused so much trouble to date on the Yahoo Finance Message Board for PSEC prior to today’s big drop, that Yahoo took the Board offline!

When you click on the PSEC “Message Boards” menu pick, all you get is

“Error while retrieving the data (Error Code:MBHo_BOARD_NOT_FOUND)”

Here’s an excerpt from:

InvestorVillage Message Board for PSEC
Msg 438
6/5/2015 1:08:06 PM
by JimCooper

Did PSEC Hire Firm to Post on Message Boards?

…Pristine Advisors seems to be taking credit for this handful of articles (very favorable to Prospect Capital) published in the news media….

…One of the recent examples posted on the Pristine Advisors webpage is the 3 June 2015 article entitled “Prospect Capital Seeks to Unlock Value with Spin-Offs,” written by Robert Karr and published by Market Realist. In other words, it appears to me Pristine Advisors arranged for Robert Karr to act as a shill writing a puff piece about Prospect Capital’s spin-offs. That apparently was NOT a product of independent, objective analysis to serve the investing community…

…Pristine Advisors (as agent of clients like Prospect Capital) monitors message boards AND does “Maintenance” on those message boards. That website also indicates that Pristine Advisors (acting on behalf of clients like Prospect Capital) monitors social media for messages containing “Malicious statements from dissatisfied investors” and again does “Maintenance” (meaning Pristine Advisors either posts messages or hires people to post messages on message boards)…

…Someone posted on the Yahoo board a cut and paste job written by Lawrence Meyers (another hack) for Business News. I believe that article is also the work (character assassination) of Pristine Advisors or perhaps even CEO John Barry, himself.

The article is primarily about Jordan Wathen’s article about the litigation the taxi medallion lending industry filed against New York City. After bashing Jordan Wathen for being 25 (a heinous crime) and other similar atrocities (CHARACTER ASSISSINATION of the messenger), Lawrence Meyers INCORRECTLY wrote, “Jordan Wathen has consistently misrepresented the taxi medallion lending industry with his curious assertions that have no logical or evidentiary backing, and doesn’t seem to understand the purpose of lawsuits when it comes to public policy.”

Hey, Lawrence Meyers, I’m a lawyer with a lot of trial experience, have prosecuted many criminal cases including capital murder and kidnapping, and have legal experience with civil cases involving medical malpractice and multi-billion dollar systems contracts, and I say character assassinator Lawrence Meyers is wrong and is way off base criticizing Wathen on that lawsuit. This personal attack on Jordan Wathen is the price Wathen has to pay for speaking truth to the Corrupt. Wathen has the facts while his adversaries attack him personally – for being 25, no less.

By the way, Robert Dodd (stock analyst with Raymond James Financial, Jon Bock (stock analyst with Well Fargo), Christopher Nolan (stock analyst with MLV and Company), and Seeking Alpha authors, have voiced many of the same criticisms and same facts Jordan Wathen has used in his articles. See for example the transcript of the 5 February 2015 earnings conference call and compare those facts and criticisms with facts and criticisms also voiced by Jordan Wathen in his articles. MANY EXPERTS, NOT JUST WATHEN, ARE ZEROING IN ON THE FACTS EVIDENCING THE CORRUPTION AND WRONGDOING PERPETRATED BY PSEC MANAGEMENT. And Barry doesn’t like it…

…Approximately a month ago, I wrote a message entitled “Thread from Barry to Slick,” which laid out the evidence that slick was continually DEFENDING allegations vigorously that Barry and the PSEC management had been engaging in criminal activity and other misconduct. I theorized that Barry had arranged with slick’s masters (some short seller or a hedge fund) to post messages defending these allegations. I believe this link (pun intended) to the Pristine Advisors website is the SMOKING GUN.

The FBI and US Attorney often indict one or more suspects and get them to “flip” on others to shave off time from their jail sentences. Now, it is ILLEGAL to post intentionally on a message board false information about a publicly traded company. As has been shown many times, slick intentionally posts false information about Prospect Capital even after it has been demonstrated to slick that his information is false. Slick just waits a day or so and then posts that same false information again.

Wouldn’t it be a shocking surprise if we woke some morning to read from the US Attorney’s criminal complaint filed in the US District Court that a named criminal defendant has been indicted for posting false and misleading statements on the PSEC Yahoo message board under dozens of screennames starting with “slicktop4?”

It could happen if Barry gave up names, which in turn gave up other names, which eventually led to the criminal defendant posting as “slicktop4.”

Wouldn’t it be shocking if the FBI got a subpoena to go to the ISP of “slicktop4” and his dozens of screennames and discovered the real identity of the individual?

Wouldn’t it be shocking if the FBI got a subpoena to search slicktop4’s checking account records, telephone records, email records, internet activity, computer files, broker account records etc. without slicktop4’s knowledge?

Wouldn’t it be shocking if the FBI tapped slicktop4’s telephone?

If the FBI were to take out slicktop4, this Yahoo message board would be pretty barren with only a handful of postings each day…”

Larry: its time to roll over on your clients, before they roll over you.

Don’t wait for Barry to do it

Don’t take the hit for any of these guys.

Larry, give me a call so we can discuss your options going forward.





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