Black Hat Smear Campaigns Intimidate Stock Critics

Lawrence “Larry” Meyers is a professional stock promoter.

Meyers just smeared Jordan Wathen, the author of a negative article on Medallion Financial (TAXI) and Signature Bank (SBNY) on Motley Fool

NYC Medallion Values Are Plummeting
Recent data from the Taxi and Limousine Commission show a medallion sold out of foreclosure for approximately $325,000.

Meyers heavily promotes TAXI (the leading provider of taxi medallion loans) on social media using his real name and many other aliases. On the Yahoo Message Board for TAXI he posts as “lmsmedley”

Meyers has been waging a Black Hat Smear Campaign online against Jay Hickman and me since our first report on TAXI on December 19, 2014:

The Downside For Medallion Financial Only Just Beginning


As you can see from his comment today on Motley Fool, he’s also waging a Black Hat Smear Campaign against Jordan Wathen, the author of the Motley Fool article.

His method is to dig up author’s personal information, distort it or use completely made up material to relentlessly post negative information. He then sends private emails to the author to make the following deal.

He will stop his Black Hat Smear Campaign IF AND ONLY IF the author stops writing negative articles and comments. See my blog post titled:

Why Would TAXI Stock Promoters Offer Incentives to Stop Criticizing TAXI?

Meyers promoted the stock of the company below.

A Rebuttal To The Bear Case On Forcefield Energy (FNRG)
By Larry Meyers, PDL Capital
Seeking Alpha
Dec. 9, 2014

“This article has been removed from the site due to violation of our Terms of Use.”

[note: PDL stands for Pay Day Lenders.

Meyers also heavily promotes publicly traded pay day lender companies on social media.

In addition to taxi medallions TAXI offers subprime loans to buyers of boats and RVs.]

Comment from Munger Fan:

Hey Larry,

Ex-ForceField Energy Chairman Faces Stock Scheme Charges
By Christie Smythe
Bloomberg  Business
April 20, 2015

“Among other things, the company failed to disclose that reports touting the company’s stock on the investor website were paid for by the firm, according to the complaint.”

Are they referring to you here? You’re the only one I’ve seen saying anything positive about FNRG on SA in an article.

Comment from FUDbuster:

CEO arrested for securities fraud operating a Belize based scheme for stock manipulation. End of story for any possible investment in this flimsy paper.

Comment from Ikarus

The stock is halted and the CEO is in jail. What is your current rebuttal? Thanks.


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