I Choose Economic Freedom. How About You?

Uber Opponents:

You think medallion owners should be reimbursed by taxpayers because they lost to Uber?

If not taxpayers, who would cough up the money to pay them?

Medallion buyers made an investment.

It turned out to be a bad investment.

Investors who make investments that go sour are on their own.

This is America. We are capitalist society based on economic freedom for all.

Neither the government, nor anyone else is obligated to make a losing investor whole.

In fact, bailing out losers creates a moral hazard providing an incentive for them to make more losing investments.

You have a problem with competition that beats the crap out of you by a flanking move?


Your approach guaranteeing regulatory protection in perpetuity would have killed competition with Ma Bell, TV with only three channels and discount airlines.

All flaunted government regulations until they were forced to change by consumers.

Consumers want offerings that are better, cheaper and faster.

Nobody has the constitutional right to be protected from competition.

This is America. We are capitalist society based on economic freedom for all.

If you want the government to stifle competition, move to China:

“China’s ministry of transportation has proposed new guidelines that would significantly increase the amount of power the government holds over ridesharing apps like [Uber forcing] them to retool their business models and operate more like traditional taxi fleets.”

China Proposes Stricter Laws Targeted At Ridesharing Apps Like Didi Kuaidi And Uber
Oct 11, 2015

“More policy makers need to follow [Uber’s] lead and focus on making the regulations fit the business model—not the other way around. The fact that Uber and Lyft continue to grow indicates that their customers are happy and see the value for the money. Politicians ought to keep their hands off the wheel.”

Bringing Out the Regulatory Wheel Clamps for Uber
Wall Street Journal
September 27, 2015

Uber Opponents:

Wall Street Journal or People’s Daily?

You choose.

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