Why Would TAXI Stock Promoters Offer Incentives to Stop Criticizing TAXI?

What Larry Meyers Means When He Says: “…[Gossage]… Broke a Negotiated Peace…”

This phrase appeared in Larry’s post on the Yahoo Finance Message Board for TAXI titled: “For those new to the board who don’t know Gordon Gossage” made on 8/26/15 at 4:30 pm.

Larry is referring to a private email he sent me on 8/1/15 that I never answered. So his grandiose statement about “a negotiated peace” is a false statement easily proven as false.

From: Lawrence Meyers
To:      gossagegordon@yahoo.com
Date: August 1, 2015


I have corresponded with [XXXX].  Just now, I made him an offer.  If you want to get on the phone and talk things out, I am willing to do so.  If not, that’s fine.

I have made [XXXX] an offer to communicate to you, but will do so directly.

First, you have defamed me and the Mursteins.

My pockets aren’t as deep as theirs, but they are deep enough.

If you really think I won’t follow through, consider the history thus far.

That’s just me. I have no idea what they’ll do.  If you think that somehow is great PR, you are truly insane.

If what you want is scorched earth, the only person who ends up immolated is you.

This is counterproductive for both of us.

My offer is this:

1) I will remove all posts on YF that I have control over that directly or indirectly reference you in any way.  You can dictate which ones you want removed in addition that in any way offend you, other than posts directly discussing the taxi industry.  I will edit posts of mixed content.

2)  I will contact all other YF posters and tell them about our cease fire and ask them to do the same.  I should be able to get most if not all taken down.  No promises, though.

3) I have no control over others at BloggerNews.  However, I have reached out to Clark Reilly, and asked him to please remove at least one article as a favor to me to broker this peace.

4) You will do the same, in regards to my name and any posts with the words  “stock promoter(s)”

5) We will both refrain from making any such posts with any such language on any internet forum in the future.

If you break your word, everything goes back up, and I put domain names to use.

Explanation of threats by Larry Meyers as a TAXI stock promoter

In late July 2015, Larry bought a whole lot of domain names including my name in them to post his typical personal attacks unrelated to buying, selling or holding TAXI. They can be found in domain name registries.

Larry will use these domains to create false and irrelevant content he describes in his 8/26/15 post with the phrase: “look for a new website that exposes much more about Gordon Gossage.”

I know for a fact that Larry has made similar threats involving personal information to other commenters who write posts critical of TAXI management.

Apparently people who pay Larry believe this is an effective technique to boost TAXI’s stock price.

It is my belief that this activity is part of a broad campaign including securities fraud.

Larry was involved in a campaign on Seeking Alpha promoting ForceField Energy (FNRG).

The Feds arrested FNRG’s CEO Richard St-Julien while boarding a plane to Costa Rica in April 2015. St. Julien and stock promoters paying for content on Seeking Alpha were charged with securities fraud conspiracy.

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