62% of Dual Drivers Prefer Lyft, 23% Prefer Uber

A fascinating study was just published by Ride.Share.News in conjunction with The Rideshare Guy and Sherpa.

The complete report is available here.

Ride.Share.News is an excellent new source of all things ridesharing edited by Kim Ribbans.

The Rideshare Guy is edited by Harry Campbell. Harry has built his blog into a key news source.

Sherpa is the only source of free analytics that provides thousands of drivers with insights into how to boost their income. I strongly suggest that all drivers sign up for Sherpa’s free service here.

There are many interesting findings, including:

The experience drivers have with passengers is better with:
Lyft 62%
Uber 23%

The sense of belonging to a community of my fellow drivers is better with:
Lyft 74%
Uber 14%

Who offers the best driver support:
Lyft 67%
Uber 23%

Which app offers the best experience for drivers:
Lyft 67%
Uber 23%

Given how much more dual drivers prefer Lyft, why has Lyft’s market share vs. Uber dropped to 12% as shown in a recent survey?

Drivers provide the answer to the market share question by answering the question:

Who does the best job marketing to potential new riders:
Lyft 35%
Uber 60%












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5 Responses to 62% of Dual Drivers Prefer Lyft, 23% Prefer Uber

  1. Although the sample size was not huge some results are corroborated by other surveys. i.e. Sherpa recently conducted a survey asking how many drivers used multiple platforms (Double-Dippers) and reached the same figure (63%). This experience gives driver the better opportunity to compare services from behind the wheel. Most results bear out, it seems, common wisdom.

  2. Gordon Gossage says:

    One result I’d love to see is the percentage of current Lyft and Uber drivers who currently or formerly drove taxis and/or limos. As you say the common wisdom is that this percentage has gone up very quickly month to month compared to 2013. However, I wish we had a benchmark to compare with going forward.

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  4. Thanks for including The Ride Share Guy on your list!

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