Uber Fares 10% Lower Than Lyft. Adding Tips Makes Uber 22% Lower. Is Encouraging Tips at Lyft a Smart Competitive Move for the Company or their Drivers?

Uber Lyft Uber Discount
Base Fare $2.00 $2.13 -6%
Per Mile $1.20 $1.31 -8%
Per Minute* $0.21 $0.25 -16%
Average -10%
Gordon Gossage Averages Uber Lyft Uber Discount
Base Fare $2.00 $2.13 -6%
Average Miles Per Trip 3.3 $3.96 $4.32 -8%
Average Minutes Per Trip 14.8 $3.11 $3.70 -16%
Total without Tips     $9.07 $10.15 -11%
Rides with Tips 15% no tip allowed $1.52
Total with Tips     $9.07 $11.68 -22%
Note if the averages above are not your averages,
then use your own values to compare Uber and Lyft
Boston Taxi
Base Fare $2.60
Per Mile $2.80
15% Tip $0.81
Per Minute* $0.47
*In the case of taxis this is idling/waiting time
plus when the “taxi is moving at slow speeds”.
Therefore adding a per minute charge with a rider in the car
by Uber and Lyft, overstates their lower price per ride
depending on the duration of the ride in minutes.
Actual comparative Boston taxis fares must be
determined by sampling popular pickup and dropoff
locations compared to Uber and Lyft during
similar traffic conditions.
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