In the Sharing Economy, Workers Find Both Freedom and Uncertainty

In July 2014, I was contacted by Natasha Singer of The New York Times. She had been given my name by Sherpa’s co-founder, Ryder Pearce.

Sherpa helps thousands of Lyft, Uber and Sidecar drivers get better insight into their income and costs by collecting data from over 2,000 drivers and presenting ongoing analysis of trends for free to these drivers.

Singer was interested in interviewing Lyft drivers who also worked for other companies in the sharing economy to make a good living. In our discussions, I offered that it was probably single mothers living in 2014 America that best illustrate the combination of flexibility and steady income relentlessly fueling the growth of the sharing economy.

I introduced her to Jenn, one of the most caring, funny, smart and fascinating members of the Boston Lyft Family.

A version of this article appeared in print on August 17, 2014, on page 1 of the Sunday Business Section of The New York Times.

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