Stifling Free Speech at Uber or Lyft is a PR Nightmare

Uber and Lyft Executive Management: Corporate Social Media Rule #1

There is a conversation going on about your company on the web making comments on your strengths and weaknesses. Some of these comments are

  • Based on actual facts
  • Based on misinformation
  • Clearly defined as opinions
  • Outright intentional lies by your competition and other enemies.

This web conversation will continue with or without you. It will take place within the walls that you’ve created that give you the ability to delete selected comments and the power to terminate authors you disagree with from your company. However outside your walls, the conversation will continue. No matter how obscure when first posted, once enshrined on the web, disparaging conversations remain available for viral dissemination eternally.

As a corporate citizen of the web in 2014, you can choose to be part of that conversation or allow misinformation to be left without counterarguments.

You can pretend the conversation doesn’t exist or you can robustly engage in the conversation within and beyond your walls.

Social media experts have been telling you for years to engage.

Round up your most obnoxious, unpopular and angry team members who relentlessly criticize executive management online. Pay real money to an internationally recognized expert in Organizational Behavior (OB) to open a useful dialogue with them that BENEFITS the executive team. The OB unit at the Harvard Business School is an excellent place to start.

This is not a DIY kind of thing.

Uber and Lyft executive management: You must engage.

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The post above is dedicated to the conjoined triplets: MRELKK.

Especially KK. He remains the record holder for the most obnoxious, unpopular and angry Lyft driver who has most skillfully and relentlessly criticized executive management online with all sorts of crazy stuff.

Earlier this year, KK was terminated as a Lyft driver due to “complaints from passengers”. In an astounding violation of HR 101, the nature of these complaints were posted in the Lyft Facebook Lounge the next day. KK had no way to respond. 

I see KK all the time at SBMC. If you run into him there, he’ll be happy to describe why he thinks he was terminated.

A bunch of times I’ve been tooling along without a passenger during the ninth hour of a 5pm to 3am Saturday night shift. KK sneaks up right beside me and yells through his open window “Big Guy!!!” to scare the crap out of me. Works every time.

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