Sherpa Challenges Boston to be the City with the Best Ridesharing Data in the Country

I’m excited to announce that effective today; I’m an Ambassador for Sherpa in Boston.

I love what they’re doing and their vision.

The Sherpa mission is to help you – the drivers of the sharing economy – have access to more opportunities, make more money, and understand your true driving costs.

Ryder and Jianming have challenged us to be one of the first Metros to have enough Uber and Lyft driver information to qualify for the next version of CityMetrics.

The existing CityMetrics information includes the following:

  • How much driving income was earned
  • How many trips were given
  • Most popular days being driven
  • Average number of trips given
  • Market share for Uber and Lyft platforms


How did my weekly income average compare to city and national averages?

While several cities have enough active drivers and have been previewing CityMetrics, we in Boston can have better data. The quality of information is based on the percentage of total drivers in a Metro.

Help make us the city with the best ridesharing data in the country!

It’s simple, it’s free, sign up NOW.






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