Save Uber and Lyft in California. Do Your Part, Send This Email Now

“Left unchanged, a bill sitting in the California State Senate threatens the business models of ridesharing startups like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar.”

June 27, 2014

If you live in California and support Lyft in particular, please click here to sign Lyft’s online petition. You can send your email to any California official(s) you choose.

If you live outside of California and/or want to include both Uber and Lyft, I suggest sending the adapted email below to State Senator William Monning, chair of the Insurance Committee.

Yes, it’s a canned email. However they really, really do count these form emails. They just weigh them differently than personalized email in their sentiment analysis.

Stop whatever activity your addicted to online and send the email below now.

After you send your email, please call Monning’s office at 916.651.4017.

Leave a creative heavy breathing voice message interspersed with the phrases: Uber, Lyft, auto insurance and “I need you right now”.

Senator Monning,

I’m writing because I rely on ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. AB 2293 threatens the survival of ridesharing in California unless you act. Please oppose this effort to subject ridesharing to burdensome new regulations without any basis in facts.

Ridesharing takes cars off the road by matching local drivers and riders, reducing congestion and making it easier to live car-free. AB 2293 would block ridesharing’s true potential by putting a high price on participation, hurting my community.

Ridesharing platforms already provide a level of insurance coverage that meets or exceeds state requirements for taxis and private drivers. I hope you will encourage the insurance industry to innovate and develop new policies to benefit California drivers who participate in sharing, rather than stifling innovation.

I use Uber and Lyft because it provides a safer and more reliable transportation option. The app’s GPS tracking, two-way ratings, and strict driver background and DMV checks offer a major improvement in safety and quality compared to traditional alternatives. Please oppose any efforts that would undermine this valuable resource and support a compromise to amend AB 2293 to protect innovation.

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