Cambridge Officials Enjoy Testimony from Uber, Lyft Driver and Boston Taxi Drivers Association (BTDA)

This is a new video of the Cambridge hearing on June 17, 2014. The previous video ended at the 34.07 mark with the end of the testimony given by Uber’s General Manager for Boston, Meghan Joyce. I strongly recommend the commentary on public hearing best practices here.

Most importantly, the video includes me!! I buffed up my bald head just for my new male model portfolio.

This video was shot by RobBurke, videographer and Uber driver. Rob is a Son of South Boston.  Please  visit his site. One of his specialties is sports recruitment videos. You can guess that Rob knows a whole lot more about Boston than some of those high tech Bay Area kids. He’s a great source as the classic man-on-the-street on almost any subject.

You can reach Rob at or 339.230.9317

0:00  Andrea Jackson, Cambridge License Commission Chair

2:54  Meghan Joyce, Uber’s General Manager for Boston

34.07 Gordon Gossage, Lyft Driver and Lyftangelist

40.06 Donna Blythe-Shaw, Boston Taxi Drivers Association (BTDA), a USW affiliate

47.53 Maria Hardiman, aide to Nazeem Mazen, Cambridge City Councilor

48:29 End

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