Driver Says Lyft and Uber Create Jobs – Most Importantly HIS

Under the name, Bongo Luongo, the Uber driver posted comments after an article published on June 18, 2014. The article followed up Cabbies, Uber spar over Cambridge proposal to rein in popular car app, written by Jordan Graham of the Boston Herald, published on June 18, 2014. Graham’s articles and blog posts are available online.

Bongo Loungo’s and other comments have been edited to correct spelling mistakes and highlight his interchange with other posters.

Bongo Luongo: Yes, my government to help me again. I am 64. I have a young family even though I am an old guy. NO ONE WILL HIRE A 64 YEAR OLD! This is the only way I can create income to supplement my income. Why are cabbies protected?

Bongo Luongo: Just a fantastic excuse to try to kill a business. Uber gives me a job because I am a 64 year old and no one will hire me.

BPD: How much are you making on Uber?

Bongo Luongo: More than I did not working and sitting at home wondering how I am going to pay the state income tax as they attached my accounts. It doesn’t matter how much I make driving for Uber. It is my decision to do so. If I don’t like what I am paid, I get to find another job. It is called free enterprise.

jsteale: Just wonderful. If we had this kind of thinking in the 19th century we would still be living in the 19th century style. So now Cambridge is trying to stay in the 20th century. It is not now nor has it ever been the job of any government to protect any business from its competition. First of all it’s impossible. These tactics only delay the eventual demise of the business/industry as society continues to move forward leaving them behind. It merely slows innovation which is not good for economic growth…Who are they working for, we the people, or the cab companies?

Bongo Luongo: Sadly though pols like lyin’ lizzy say they will protect the people, we have no one to speak for us.

pitbullstew: Uber and Lyft are illegal almost everywhere and today its Cambridge who are on to them for not having real pre employment back ground checks, nor drug screens and random screens thereafter, (like almost everyone else of us are subject to when applying for a job in the age in which we live).

That and vehicle inspections as well as flagrant violation of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) in whom they service and hire, as well as not having real primary dollar one liability insurance for commercial for hire livery operations.
And oh this hooey about Lyft calling fee for service ‘donations’ when if you were to simply google “Lyft changes pricing policy” you will see they changed their fee schedule months ago.

Least we forget surge (price gouging) pricing that the livery and taxi industry are expressly forbidden from enacting whereas Uber employs the revenue enhancing tactic at their own choosing like weather emergency while gas stations, food stores and pharmacies are liable for criminal prosecution.

Bongo Luongo: deal with it pitbull. I lost a perfectly good and successful business because times changed and the government decided to ban smoking. Didn’t matter that people would choose to come in relax and have a drink and maybe a cigar or cig. Times changed and that activity was no longer acceptable. Uber type business is the wave of the future. At some point the cities and towns will figure out how to shake down Uber and get a piece of the action. When that happens cabs will be just like buggy whip manufacturers.





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