About the Editor of Sharing Opinions: Gordon Gossage

Over 38 years I’ve lead start up and rapidly growing software and web-based companies. I’ve grown several companies from initial conception to #1 market standing. A long, long time ago, I was on a management team that drove annualized revenue in five years from $2.8 million to $31 million and an IPO.

I’ve been focused on the sharing economy over the past 16 months. I’ve driven for Uber and Lyft during that time. Between the 8/21/2013 and 6/30/2014 I gave over 2,400 rides.

[Note: as of August 2016 I’ve given over 900 rides for a total of 3,300 rides.]

I have done extensive quantitative and qualitative research on Uber’s impact on the taxi industry both positive and negative. In December 2014, I contributed to a report advising betting on Uber’s success by shorting Medallion Financial (NASDAQ:TAXI). Over the past year I’ve written extensive commentary on the taxi industry online.

On December 2, 2015 I asked the question: Can the Big Tax Cartel Be Crushed? I’ve proposed a solution for Boston. Whether we are Uber Supporters or Uber Opponents, let’s create a Coalition Against Big Taxi (CAB). The time has come for the Big Taxi Takedown.

While I drove for Uber and Lyft I also effectively operated a rolling millennial focus group. The dominant demographic of riders are attending college now or were college graduates since 2000, approximately age 35 and below. If you are interested in marketing anything to anybody, you must learn more about this generation. They really are different than boomers…and in a lot of good ways. Plus, they’ll be running the country sooner than you think.

I learned about every occupation, country, music genre and personal relationship issue imaginable. I’ve given advice on the way to first interviews, break up discussions and a mother tearfully leaving her daughter at college and on her way back to Rome. With Lyft, riders almost always sit in the front seat and for fifteen minutes you share a slice of each other’s lives. When I started I never thought I’d give 2,400 rides. But, it was so much fun!

Besides having fun at Lyft and Uber, my history includes marketing and sales for products and services ranging in price from $79 to $300,000. I’ve launched enterprise software, PC and Mac packaged software, consumer entertainment CD-ROMs, acted as executive-in-residence at an Internet incubator, worked as a public advocate of ride sharing, sold rigorous quantitative market research and social media to top corporations.

I love this stuff!

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